‘Pottery For the Planet’ is an exciting range of handmade and reusable lidded coffee cups made by Renton Bishopric Ceramics, who’s aim is to remove single use disposable cups from Australia’s café/coffee culture and in turn reduce the amount of such items going to landfill.

Now lovingly referred to by their customers as ‘Planet Cups’, these stylish handmade ceramic coffee beakers are fitted with a 100% silicone lid and optional silicone heat band. The cups are currently available in 8oz or 12oz sizes and in a range of ever evolving glazes (colours). Renton Bishop Ceramics operate from their production studio on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and the best part is…No two cups are the ever same!

Due to the handmade nature of their products each and every coffee cup that leaves our studio is unique. This is what sets the ‘Planet Cups’ aside from other mass produced reusable coffee cups on the market!
Be Unique, choose a Planet Cup.
Henry Lee’s is proud to be a stockist and supporter of the war on waste, and the fabulous ‘Planet Cup’.
Read more about Renton Bishop Ceramics at http://www.rentonbishopric.com