Slow Cooked Meat, Lovingly Prepared

Open 11.00am to 8.00pm |  7 days a week.

Henry’s Block: All about the wood-fired meats & Bread

At Henry’s Block, we understand that sometimes taking it slow is the only way. We lovingly prepare our meats, slow cooking them to maintain and boost flavour profiles of the ingredients. The we offer these succulent pieces to you in a variety of tasty dishes, like our signature burgers, rolls and rotisserie box! All of these are then served alongside a wide range of fresh and delicious sides.

So come, take your time and enjoy a satisfying moment from Henry’s Block.

Fresh Food, Lovingly Prepared

The Merchants Of Ultimo is a European food collective at Broadway, just on the fringes of Sydney’s CBD. It’s a celebration of artisanal offerings with a perfect balance of the exotic and the traditional.

With five ‘market stalls’ under the one roof, you can enjoy everything from the best coffees in Broadway, the freshest farm to table dishes and even handmade desserts by our in house pastry chefs. Whatever time of day, there’s something here sure to satisfy your cravings. Come down and experience Merchants of Ultimo today.